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Among of Numerous Stereo System, I think this EX-M1 Integrated Amplifier May Be My Last ! (US)

I’m 66 and I’ve had numerous stereo systems and components over the years, but I think this may be my last (except possibly the speakers). It consists of:

- Kinki EX-M1 Integrated Amp (Left Cabinet Door)

- Marantz TT-15S1 Turntable w/Clearaudio Virtuoso Ebony Wood Cartridge (Center Cabinet Door)

- Mofi StudioPhono Preamp (Center Cabinet Door - out of view)

- RME ADI2 DAC FS (Right Cabinet Door)

- Sonos Port (Right Cabinet Door)

- Sonos ARC (Top of Cabinet)

- Monitor Audio Gold 200s 4G

- I also own a Sony Blu-Ray that I could use to play CDs, but I don’t really do that anymore.

The amp, DAC and phono stage are the latest additions, all added in the last month after much research. And as I said, this setup may be where I stop searching for the holy grail. I‘ve owned everything from Sherwood to McIntosh, tube systems, vintage systems, SS systems, Reel to Reels, cassettes, separate components and integrated. And in this digital world, I decided to go with a bare bones analogue amp and leave any conversions or phono stages to separate components. I recently came across the Kinki and read the many wonderful reviews and decided to go with it.

I’m still in the break-in process with my Kinki, but so far I’ve been very impressed with the detail and fullness of the sound. I’m not good with audio descriptive, but I like what I hear in comparison to the amps I’ve previously owned and am very happy with the price. As I said, I am pondering trying new speakers because the Monitors seem a little bright for my liking, and if so, it will probably be Tektons I go with.



Credit : Howard. C @ US



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