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The EX-M1 is a part of the EX Series, which has been designed to provide a balanced midrange and smooth extension at both the high and low ends, resulting in high-quality sound reproduction. This model is a dual mono design contained within a single chassis, and is fully modular.


It is rich in tonal quality, dynamic range, and high resolution, with a silky smooth volume control system that utilizes the MUSES volume control.


This volume control system is known for its precision and accuracy in adjusting volume levels, due to its use of precision-matched resistors.


Unlike most amplifiers that use a potentiometer for volume control, the EX-M1 utilizes an advanced JRC MUSES72320 2-channel electronic volume control that is microprocessor-controlled.


This volume control is optimized for high-end audio and professional audio applications, and is designed with advanced circuitry and layout to ensure optimal performance.


The MUSES72320 is known for its low noise and low distortion characteristics, and it employs a resistance ladder circuit for precision volume adjustment.


The EX-M1 is a cost-no-object design, as evidenced by its use of an extremely high-cost 0.2µm gold-plated printed circuit board (PCB).


The designer has taken into account the limitations of a typical circuit board, and has increased the soldered area at each joint while also adding as much shielding as possible. This ensures optimal performance of the PCB and contributes to the overall high-end audio quality of the device.

In addition, the EX-M1 features two 400VA encapsulated transformers, one for each of the left and right channel power supplies. The dual mono power rails have been designed in such a way as to avoid interference between channels, resulting in improved channel separation and overall audio performance.

This product was designed with the purist, perfectionist, and minimalist in mind, and engineered to meet the highest standards of quality.


The power amplification circuitry of the device is directly mounted on a custom-made, gold anodized heat sink, providing efficient heat dissipation. The power stage features two pairs of power EXICON MOSFETs, which are driven in Class AB to ensure optimal performance.

The device features two identical power stage modules that are arranged on the left and right sides of the chassis. These modules deliver exceptional power to the two channels, providing 215 watts into 4-8 ohms, ensuring reliable and high-quality audio performance.

The EX-M1 is designed with a high damping factor, which allows for the full potential of the loudspeakers to be unleashed and for optimal sonic performance. The device features high power rail supplies that deliver fast and high recovery DC supply to the power stage, contributing to the overall high-quality audio performance.

The device is also designed with an ultra-high slew rate and is DC-coupled, meaning that there are no capacitors in the signal path. This design feature results in exceptional acoustic performance, with neutral, transparent sound quality, exceptional detail, dynamic range, and ultra-fast transient response.


The EX-M1 boasts an impressive 215 watts RMS power output into 8 ohms, making it one of the few integrated amplifiers in its price range capable of such driving capability. With both channels driven, it can easily power any type of loudspeaker.

The sound signature of the EX-M1 is characterized by a focus on neutrality and musicality, with the goal of achieving rich tonal quality, vivid sound imaging, exceptional detail, high resolution, and dynamic range. These sonic characteristics are the result of careful component selection, thoughtful design, and meticulous tuning, resulting in the distinctive sound signature that is a hallmark of KINKI STUDIO.



  • Frequency Response: 10-150kHz (±3dB)

  • THDN: 0.0232%; 0.006% (A-Weighted)

  • S/N Ratio: >103dB

  • Output Power: 215W RMS (8Ω) , 290W RMS (4Ω) 

  • Damping Factor: 2000

  • Gain: Normal Gain 26 dB

  • Max Output Voltage: 55VAC

  • AC Power: 110/240VAC, 50/60Hz (Factory configure)



  • Input Sensitivity: 2.25Vrms - 3.6Vrms

  • Input Impedance: 50kΩ

  • Input Connector: RCA x 3, XLR x 1

  • Output: Speaker Binding Post 4mm L/R Channel


  • Dimension: 430W x 125H x 370D

  • Weight: 25KG



  • Download Instruction Manual



The Universal Integrated Amp?

Today's Kinki should uncramp your finger and pull that trigger. The EX for 'extreme' in the name isn't idle puffery. It's well deserved. If enough people catch on, this amp will become a classic. For now, it could already be your classic. Classy all around!

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