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The Company


Kinki Studio, an audio equipment manufacturer based in Guangzhou, China. Specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-end audio components such as headphone amp, integrated amplifiers, preamplifiers, power amp.


The company was founded by a team of audio enthusiasts with a passion for music and the pursuit of high-quality sound reproduction.

Kinki Studio's products are known for their exceptional build quality and attention to detail, with a focus on using high-quality components and materials. The company employs advanced engineering and design techniques to create products that deliver excellent performance and sound quality.

One of the company's flagship products is the Kinki Studio EX-M1+ integrated amplifier, which has received high praise from audiophiles and reviewers for its outstanding sound quality, versatility, and value. The EX-M1+ features a Class A/B power amplifier section, a high-quality preamp, and HT bypass feature that allows users to integrate the EX-M1+ to the HT system.

In addition to the EX-M1+, Kinki Studio also produces a range of other high-end audio components such as the EX-P27 Preamp, EX-M7 Power Amp and the THR-1 Headphone Amplifier. The company is committed to providing its customers with exceptional customer service and support, and offers a warranty on all of its products.

Overall, Kinki Studio is a respected and innovative company in the audio industry that is dedicated to producing high-quality audio components that provide exceptional performance and value for music lovers and audiophiles alike.


Throughout time, Kinki Studio has garnered favorable reviews for their amplifiers that are recognized for their exceptional sound quality and durable construction.

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