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EX Series M1+

"The true universal integrated amp, period".  

The EX-M1+ is positioned above the award-winning EX-M1. It is the new flagship model in the Integrated Amplifier lineup of KINKI STUDIO. It packed with most frequently asked features like dimmable display, preamp output, home theater bypass.

EX-M1+ 200.jpg


EX-M1+ 220.jpg


The EX-M1+ is designed based on the award-winning EX-M1. The good of the EX-M1 is well-preserved. Advanced microprocessor-controlled, MUSE volume control, dual 400VA encapsulated transformers, quasi monoblocks amplifier stage with EXICON MOSFET lateral, known for its ultra-fast and dynamic sonic response where the EX-M1+ benefited with.


EX-M1+ is equipped with the most anticipated features - Preamp Output and HT Bypass. We did it differently though. The Preamp Output can be enabled/disabled by the completely redesigned Remote Control Unit. It allows the EX-M1+ to be used as a preamp only, or integrated amp where the preamp output can be connected to the subwoofer or to our monoblocks EX-B7 to biamp the loudspeakers. 

The same goes to HT Bypass Input. A single press on the Remote Control Unit button enables the HT Bypass Input. The preamp stage is bypassed, EX-M1+ functions as a power amp.

C R A F T E D    T O    P E R F E C T I O N


You name it. It was engineered to meet the highest quality standard for you.

P O W E R    S T A G E

The power amplification circuitry are mounted directly on a large customs made, gold anodized heat sink. The power stage equipped with two pairs of power EXICON MOSFETs, driven in Class AB.


Two identical power stage modules are arranged on the left and right sides of the chassis, deliver impeccable power for the two channels: 215 watts into 4-8 ohms.

_DSC6743- Left.png

H I G H    D A M P I N G    F A C T O R

High damping factor unleash the full potential of the sonic performance of the loudspeakers. EX-M1+ employes high power rail supplies, delivering fast and high recovery DC supply to the power stage. The ultra high slew rate and DC-coupled (no capacitors in the signal path), yielded exceptionally acoustic excellent - neutral, transparency, details, dynamic and ultra fast transient response.


Vol Control



The display can now be dimmed, turned off completely.

We have also improved the internal wiring with pure OCC copper and overly well-made gold plated high current connector for the line stage input signal and transformer primary stage.


Neutrality and musicality were the goals to achieve. Rich tonal quality, vivid sound imaging, details, high resolution and dynamic. The choice of the components, design, and tuning does just that.


It is the Kinki Studio gears' sound signature.


"Though the Kinki unmistakably belonged to our generic Swiss school, it included that other Swiss, subtle yet distinctive, Nagra aroma. It derives from their signature obsession with tubes even though in much of their recent gear, they don't use valves to get there. Without impact on the noise floor to maintain superb magnification powers, it injects a whiff of textural extra and transient ease. I needn't spell out what that says about the M1's sell price."

"Subjectively speaking, such a result not only involves this scribe more but lively, direct and agile by nature also boils his blood quicker. That’s what the EX-M1 did exactly, it remarkably well morphed my daily speakers into something they aren’t with most electronics and hearing less venting and more OB alike quality from them I’ve found truly impressive."




EX-M1 (1).jpg

"How does it sound? I always look for a well-balanced sound, with great detail, but not at the expense of pleasure. Kinki sounds refined, with a huge dynamic with basses that are always precise, extended and never pimpy. The average frequencies are very pleasant and never blatant or aggressive: a clarity also given by the absolute silence that helps to perceive the smallest details."


"The sound is so pure that it’s reoriented the way I listen to music. I no longer listen analytically but for the sheer pleasure. It’s so rewarding and relaxing. Listening to favorites, I’ve noticed that some sound different enough for me to notice that there was some exaggeration or emphasis of certain parts of the frequency with my older set up. Whether it was the house sound that some say certain brands have or just the limits of the design I can’t rightly say. Maybe it’s all the extra circuitry added to accommodate all the extra features I have no use for. No matter. I’m content. Happy as a puppy with two pee pees."


"Result: a smug smile on my face. What EX-M1 brings with respect to Brio-r, all aspects of sound are subsidized. Greater clarity, better separation of instruments, balance more harmonious in the frequency spectra, the lower frequencies richer and less scrambled (which The Black Keys pieces greatly benefit from), a reserve power that responds with ease any solicitation of music ..."

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