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The Swiss Sound of 15X less ? Kinki Studio EX-M1 Integrated Amplifier 2022 Review !

I will say that the amp is no lesser in looks, sound and build than some of those $6-$10k integrated amps.
“The EX-M1 is fully modular, a dual mono design in a single chassis. Rich in tonal quality, details, dynamic, and high resolution. Silky smooth volume control thanks to the MUSES volume control, of which known for its precise and accurate volume adjustment with precision matched resistors.”

This integrated fully exceeded…no…fully SHATTERED my expectations (for the $2400 USD this costs) in such a dramatic and profound way that I feel this will be a challenge to write about and describe. While I get a few products in on occasion that do not live up to the hype (I do not review or talk of these products) sometimes there is something that comes along that blows me away when it really shouldn’t.

The EX-M1 is a true high end integrated amp that delivers 215 class A/B watts into 8 ohms and the first few in Class A. If you have speakers that are 4 ohm, the EXM1 can pump 400 watts per channel.

There are $40,000 integrated amps one can buy today so the $2400 price of this guy seems..well…”cheap” when it comes to high end audio.

This may lead some to believe that this piece is not truly a high end piece or that the amp itself is indeed “cheap”. I can state with confidence that the is not the case at all.

This is a piece of HiFi that has the build and style of a European $10,000 integrated with the looks of a fine Swiss instrument. It does one job and it does this job just as well as some of the big guns I have heard in my space that cost much more, though with it’s own bold, dynamic and hard hitting sound signature.

While the $22k+ Pass Labs separates certainly does edge out the EX-M1 in warmth, gentleness. 3D and layering (as it very well should), the massive 60lb Kinki EX-M1 delivers something else to my system that thrills me when I listen.

The EX-M1 has more dynamics, slam and oomph than the Pass Labs gear and this can be exhilarating with some music. With the EX-M1 we trade some of that sweetness and depth from the Pass for impact and dynamics in the Kinki.

Could the Goldmund possibly have $27,000 more of sound or build quality? Hmmm. My ears say NO WAY but I guess it depends on how much value you put on money, and how much of it you have. For me, money is an issue and if I can spend $2400 for $10k in performance in sound and looks, count me in.

I would agree with other reviewers who have hinted or said that this has the Swiss sound signature. Clean, smooth, big, bold, sweet and musical and with just the right amount of body to the music.

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Technical data of

Kinki Studio EX-M1/M1+ Frequency Response: 10-150kHz (±3dB)

THDN: 0.0232%; 0.006% (A-Weighted)

S/N Ratio: >103dB

Output Power: 215W (8Ω), Both channel driven

Damping Factor: 2000

Max Output Voltage: 55VAC

AC Power: 110/240VAC, 50/60Hz (Factory configure)

Input Sensitivity: 2.25Vrms - 3.6Vrms

Input Impedance: 50kΩ

Input Connector: RCA x 3, XLR x 1

Output: Speaker Binding Post 4mm L/R Channel

Dimension: 430W x 125H x 380D

Weight: 25KG

A comparison against a Nagra Classic System!



Reviewed By: Steve Huff



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