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P7 and B7 Combo Transported To Another World ?

I have attached a couple of images of my setup. It consists of ATC SCM 40 speakers, Denafrips Ares II DAC and Audiolab 6000CDT and Kinki P7 & B7.

Honestly first couple of days, I was disappointed with the Kinki, I started to miss my Denon, but by Sunday, everything opens up. When I listened to Yao Sin Ting’s Enteral Signing Endless, last few tracks on CD 1, I felt I was transported to another world. Overall, Kinki was better than the Denon which cost $4,500 new.

If I have to nick pick about the Kinki, I would say the remote control need improvement. The metal buttons has sharp edges and could easily cut your fingers. Also the packaging was subpar. Shipping boxes were badly depressed but luckily the unit weren’t damaged.

Immediate Response Upon Feedback :

We customize a thicker packaging foam and make sure our products are fully protected even though sometime due to handle carelessly by third party during the shipping.

Credit: Kevin Chen @ US





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