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The EX Series has been optimized to deliver well-balanced sound quality with a smooth extension in both high and low ends, achieved through meticulous tuning of the midrange.


The EX-B7, which represents the pinnacle of this series, is a statement monoblock power amp that boasts a massive power reservoir capacitor farm, four pairs of EXICON Laterals MOSFET, and 750VA Toroidal Transformers in each monoblock.


Compared to the award-winning EX-M1, the EX-B7 offers double the power output while retaining the EX-M1's excellent tonal quality, detail, dynamics, and high resolution.


In addition, the EX-B7 outperforms the award-winning Integrated EX-M1 in terms of power delivery, headroom, and dynamic range, making it an exceptional choice for even the most demanding loudspeakers.


When paired with its natural mate, the EX-P7 preamp, you can enjoy a premium amplification system that is specifically designed to drive difficult-to-drive speakers with ease.

The EX-B7 is built with a 0.2µm gold-plated printed circuit board (PCB), which is known for its high cost. The designer of the EX-B7 clearly recognizes the limitations of standard circuit boards with regard to contact area, and has taken steps to address this issue. By increasing the soldered area at each joint and adding additional shielding, the designer has optimized the performance of the PCB to ensure the best possible sound quality.


The power supply circuitry of the EX-B7 has been meticulously designed to ensure optimal stability. This is achieved through the use of high-efficiency toroidal transformers and large filtering capacitor reservoirs, which work together to provide a constant and stable current supply.


The substantial size of these components ensures that the power supply can deliver the necessary energy to the amplifier with minimal distortion, even during demanding dynamic peaks. As a result, the EX-B7 delivers clean and accurate sound reproduction at all times.


The power amplification circuitry of the device is directly mounted on a custom-made, gold anodized heat sink, providing efficient heat dissipation. The power stage features two pairs of power EXICON MOSFETs, which are driven in Class AB to ensure optimal performance.

The device features two identical power stage modules that are arranged on the left and right sides of the chassis. These modules deliver exceptional power to the two channels, providing 250 watts into 4-8 ohms, ensuring reliable and high-quality audio performance.



Indeed, while the EX-B7 monoblocks are technically capable of delivering significantly higher wattage than their stated specifications, we prefer to take a conservative approach and not engage in a game of numbers.


As an informed consumer, we trust that you understand that there is more to good sound quality than just the wattage rating. The careful design, selection of components, and tuning of the amplifier all play critical roles in achieving excellent sound reproduction, and we are confident that the EX-B7 delivers outstanding performance in all of these areas.

The sound signature of the EX-B7 is characterized by a focus on neutrality and musicality, with the goal of achieving rich tonal quality, vivid sound imaging, exceptional detail, high resolution, and dynamic range. These sonic characteristics are the result of careful component selection, thoughtful design, and meticulous tuning, resulting in the distinctive sound signature that is a hallmark of KINKI STUDIO.



  • Frequency Response: 0-2.5MHz (±3dB)

  • THDN: <0.05% (-80db)

  • S/N Ratio: >110db(0.01Hz- 1 MHz), >130db (A-Weighted)

  • Output Power: 250 W RMS(8 Ohms) , 380 W RMS(4 Ohms)

  • Max Instantaneous Power: 400w RMS (8 Ohms)

  • Max Output Voltage: 84VAC, 20A

  • Slew Rate: 200 V /us (Rise Time < 300ns)

  • AC Power: 110/240VAC, 50/60Hz (Factory configure).

  • Power Consumption: 30W Idle, 800W Max Output



  • Input Sensitivity: 1.45Vrms

  • Input Impedance: 51kΩ (Acceptable Range 10k-52kΩ)

  • Input Connector: RCA x 1, XLR x 1

  • Output: Speaker Binding Post 4mm L/R Channel


  • Dimension: 330D x 230W x 190H

  • Weight: 17KG ea.


We highly recommend pairing the EX-B7 power amp with our award-winning EX-P7 preamp for optimal performance. Our amplifiers are Direct-DC-Coupled, which means that there are no capacitors in the signal path. This yields less coloration, higher resolution, and a more transparent and fast sound quality.

We do not recommend using a DC-Coupled OTL tube-based preamp with our amplifiers, as the DC-offset of such preamps may fluctuate as the tube ages and deteriorates. This can result in slight pops or clicks being heard through the speakers.


In general, we recommend keeping the DC-offset of your preamp/source at or below 50mVDC to minimize the risk of damage to your speakers.

It's worth noting that the DC-offset can be harmful to your speakers. However, our amplifiers are equipped with a Speaker Protection circuit at the output stage, which triggers to cut off the amplifier output (to protect the speakers) when it detects a 0.8VDC at the speaker output.



  • Download Instruction Manual


The Universal Integrated Amp?

Today's Kinki should uncramp your finger and pull that trigger. The EX for 'extreme' in the name isn't idle puffery. It's well deserved. If enough people catch on, this amp will become a classic. For now, it could already be your classic. Classy all around!

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