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I was impressed of the resolution was excellent, ditto tonality - EX-M7 (US)

My system consisted of 15 year old components that provided good to very good performance in terms of tonality, musicality, and resolution. With time to upgrade, I began researching and listening to identify the sound I was striving for. I upgraded my speakers to Spendor A7s, and my preamp to the Doge Clarity 8. The Denafrips Pontus II pulls DAC duty.

Having read reviews of the Kinki EX-M7, I was intrigued enough to purchase as my new amplifier. The promise of clean sound with heft and body, but without treble glare sounded perfect. Out of the box, I was impressed. The resolution was excellent, ditto tonality. I was immediately struck with how well it rendered pianos which was so much closer to the real thing than my previous rig. I was running the amp constantly to give it some burn-in time. However, I made the mistake of turning on my tube with the EX-M7 already in operation mode, which triggered a fault, which resulted in a failed board on the right channel.

Kinki Studios worked diligently with me to diagnose. Once that was done, they quickly shipped me a new board and pointed me to the videos explaining removal and replacement. I am not a handy person, but I was able to do this pretty effortlessly.

The EX-M7 now functions perfectly once more. I have learned my lesson and ALWAYS turn the amp on last, and off first. I am also extremely appreciative of the service I got from Kinki Studios. I look forward to years of enjoying this amplifier.

Credit: Leonce@ US





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