EX Series M-7

The EX Series is tuned to reproduce sound quality with balance mid and smooth extension in both ends, high and low extension. The EX-M7 is the latest stereo power amp.


The M7 is equipped with dual encapsulated 400VA Toroidal Transformers, 2 pairs of EXICON Laterals MOSFET and a huge power reservoir capacitors bank. It is essential beef-up version of what the award-winning EX-M1 offered but as a stereo power amp.


The good of EX-M1 remains, rich in tonal quality, details, dynamic, and high resolutions. 

EX-M7 47.jpeg
EX-M7 46.jpeg


What's more? Compare to the award-winning Integrated EX-M1, the EX-M7 slew-rate, SNR, dynamic range, an instantaneous current supply (72VDC, 18A peak current) are simply incredible. Pairing with its natural mate EX-P7 preamp, you are all set of a premium amplification for your difficult-to-drive loudspeakers.


The EX-M7 is equipped with 12V trigger. Perfect match with the premium AVR to improve the Home Theater experience. The EX-M7 can be used with to drive the Front L/R loudspeakers, or, literally all the multi-channel loudspeakers in the system with multiple sets of EX-M7. Front L/R, Rear L/R, Front Height L/R, et cetera.

C R A F T E D    T O    P E R F E C T I O N


You name it. It was engineered to meet the highest quality standard for you.


250Watts RMS into 8Ω

Right, we are being conservative. The amp can technically deliver a lot higher watts than what is stated. We do not want to get into the number games. We trust you as the smart consumer, you are not looking at just the number. The design, choice of components, tuning, is the key of good sounds.


Neutrality and musicality were the goals to achieve. Rich tonal quality, vivid sound imaging, details, high resolution and dynamic. The choice of the components, design, and tuning does just that.


It is the Kinki Studio gears' sound signature.



  • Frequency Response: 0-2.5MHz (±3dB)
  • THDN: <0.07% (-80db)
  • S/N Ratio: >103db(0.01Hz- 1 MHz), >130db (A-Weighted)
  • Output Power: 225W RMS (8 Ohms) , 310W RMS (4 Ohms)
  • Max Instantaneous Power: 400w RMS (8 Ohms)
  • Max Output Voltage: 70VAC, 18A
  • Slew Rate: 200 V /us (Rise Time < 100ns)
  • AC Power: 110/240VAC, 50/60Hz (Factory configure).
  • Power Consumption: 30W Idle, 700W Max Output

Input / Output

  • Input Sensitivity: 1.45Vrms
  • Input Impedance: 51kΩ (Acceptable Range 10k-52kΩ)
  • Input Connector: RCA x 1, XLR x 1
  • Output: Speaker Binding Post 4mm L/R Channel

Dimension & Weight

  • Dimension: 430D x 375W x 110H
  • Weight: 25KG

Preamp Matching

Please consider our award winning EX-P7 to match with the stereo power amp EX-M7. Our amplifiers are Direct-DC-Coupled without any capacitors in the signal path. This yields less colouration, high resolution, fast, and transparent sound quality. Should you wish to use other preamp make, please be informed that we do not recommend the use of DC-Coupled OTL tube-based preamp. The DC-offset of such preamp may fluctuate as the tube/valve ages and deteriorates. You may experience slight pops/clicks noise to the loudspeakers, it's likely caused by the DC-offset in the preamp. Some preamp/source may have a small DC-offset output, in general, it's recommended to keep it <= 50mVDC. The DC-offset is harmful to the loudspeakers. Our amplifiers are equipped with a Speakers Protection circuit at the output stage. The protection circuit triggers to cut off the amplifier output (to protect the loudspeakers) when it detects a 0.8VDC at the speaker output.


Instruction Manual

Click the above link to download the Instruction Manual.



"In my little black book of amplifier acquaintances, on the upward diagonal starting with the Job 225 to then feature the Kinki Studio EX-M1 higher up on the same sonic spur,the EX-M7 now sat right next to the LinnenberG Liszt which are our reference amps for the big system.


That put it nicely above the integrated and just slightly below the Bakoon AMP-13R. Where/when the latter's 25wpc don't fully matter because speakers and rooms are too big, that puts the Kinki EX-M7 right up there on the top plateau where our fiscal reality can afford to play.


On that level which purely sonically would include the EUR15'000 AGD Production Vivace and Merrill Audio Element 114, today's amp is certainly by far the most affordable.


We must thank Mr. Liu for being a gentle not greedy man. For this level of build quality, features and sound, he could charge a lot more and rub shoulders with quite illustrious company in designer suits."

Srajan Ebaen - 6moons


"There were a lot of green flags raised with M7 even from the start. The component selection was top notch, it had impressive specs top to bottom, particularly the output power, signal to noise ratio, its wide bandwidth and slew rates stood out from the rest. Not going to lie that I was very anxious to receive it and make a proper evaluation for this unit, it simply deserved my full attention.


As for its sound, it felt like pouring Trappist Belgian ale down my throat. It offered a fresh new sound, a much denser and full-bodied presentation, a powerful kick into my chest, a very spread-out soundstage plus an organic and like-life performance that I didn’t experience up to this point.


The attack and body slams that I’ve experienced with this one, would not be forgotten very soon as transient response, for me, is the most important aspect of any integrated or power amplifier."

Sandu Vitalie - SOUNDNEWS