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Great ,Sound Stage , Details - EX-M7 (Hungary)

Few months ago I started to upgrade my HiFi system. I was more on the Analogue side of it, but I have so many Cds and with the new streaming possibilities I felt I needed to upgrade the digital part of my system.

I was a Tube guy and still love my Synthesis Tube integrated amp, but I moved to a new house with a bigger room so I wanted to upgrade.

I saw a lot of reviews, video reviews, forum posts about Denafrips and Kinki so I jumped into Research. First I ordered my Pontus II, When I plugged into my system I was like HEY digital, is that good? Still burning in the Pontus but I felt this is the direction I wanted to go so I spoke with them and ordered the Athena and Kinki M7 lot of guys told me its a great pair. Both arrived today burn in started but out of the box already GREAT, sound stage, details......I'm very happy and with a fully balanced setup I think I arrived at my HIFI Place :)

Thank you Denafrips, Thank you KVS Thank you KINKI STUDIO.

Credit: Zoltan@ Hungary





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