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EX-M7- It's like a Very Good Bordeaux and Bourgogne Wine (Spain)

I am very happy with it's sound, I use it in my bi-amp, high efficiency, 100 dB system, for medium highs. I have to admit it's competing with my Accuphase A36 amp.

They are both exceptional, very close sounding to my ears. The Accuphase has a more sparkling highs, the M7 a more defined and punchy low medium; but the Accuphase has a 200 damping factor and the M7 a 2000 damping factor, it may be an explanation.

Finally it's like a very good Bordeaux and Bourgogne wine; they will never be identical. If a friend asks me for overall use I would recommend the M7.

Credit: Radu@ Spain



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