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EX-M1 & EX-M1+ Integrated Amplifier - The Only One We Bought Twice

My wife and I have owned several different amps from well known brands at several times the cost of our Kinki amps…Kinki is the only brand we’ve bought twice from. We are not professional or even particularly informed audiophiles, but we have several different components from top tier brands and did AB testing on 4 different amps to be sure that it was the Kinki bringing out musicality before buying the EX-m1+. So we bought the latest to replace one of our other “high-end” amps.

Again, we are not audio specialists and could only judge what we hear, but my wife knows when I’m playing from the Kinki versus the Naim, McIntosh, or PS Audio. Nothing against my other amps, but Kinki is the only amp we bought twice because it’s the only one we could actually hear the difference. First the EX-M1, then the EX-M1+. Many thanks to the Kinki team for their achievement.



Credit: Scott.A @ US



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