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A Simple Way To Enjoy Your Music- EX-M1+ (Vietnam)

It has been a while since I started using Chinese audio products. However, they are for portable listening (Fiio DAP, Aune DAC & HiFiMan headphones). They are all great products. Recently my Yamaha amplifier AS-2100 was broken. I have had the same issues in last 2 years with this amp so I decided to purchase a new one. This time, my mind headed to Chifi products since it has the balance between quality vs price.

I started discovered some integrated amps in the price range $2,000 - $3,000. Randomly, I saw a review here: and I was really surprised by how well it was built.

I decided to investigate more and purchase one from the website. I really appreciate the brand agency for their enthusiastic support even though there are no distributors in my country.

Build quality

As I mentioned above, build quality is awesome both exterior and interior. It worth's every penny you paid for.

Sound quality

Sound is clear, detailed and elegant. Bass is deep but well control, thank to high damping factor. The amp has more power than my previous one, but still very musical. I can enjoy the music for hours without any tiredness.

The setup:

Source: Denon CDP-100

Amp: EX-M1+

Speaker: Elac FS 247

Cable: Yarbo

Credit: Diep@ Vietnam





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