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The VISION THR-1 headphone amp is designed to drive any headphone, literally. RMS output power rated at 2.2W 300Ω, 1.3W 600Ω. It comes with tripper headphone output jacks. Two Neutrik 6.3mm single ended jacks cater for low impedance and high impedance headphone, respective. One balanced Neutrik 4-Pin jack for the convenience to use with balanced headphone.



Toroidal transformer, genuine premium parts sourced from legit distributors, i.e. RS-Component/Mouser/DigiKey/Farnel, can be found in the THR-1. Not only does the components guaranteed the longevity of the products, but also guaranteed the sound quality consistency in long run. 


Neutral sound reproduction, balance across all frequency with little or no coloration was the characteristic of THR-1. The oversize EXICON MOSFET Output Transistors provide strong control, micro-dynamic, micro-contrast and excellent drives. This is especially so even on the hard-to-drive AKG K1000, THR-1 handles the music reproduction with K1000 exceptionally well. 


No problem. The THR-1 can be doubled up as Pre-amp by a toggle switch located right beside the volume pot. In Preamp mode, the headphone output is bypassed, the volume of the Preamp output can be controlled by the volume pot as a passive preamp.  



"Like my closing shot, Liu's THR-1 is strong on colours and earthy robustness which here is symbolized by rich wood tones rather than shiny chrome or hard glass. Photographing the amp in very soft focus indicates that it's not about close-up details but the stuff  behind  them: tonal weight, foundational power, colour saturation and a milieu of organic warmth. It's another strong recommendation for the faraway house of Kinki who to this particular sonic tally once again add strong build quality and lovely high value."


"Disregarding all my jokes, Vision THR-1 came out as a really serious piece of kit, it is modern looking, built like a tank and has an affordable sticker attached to it considering all its pros. It sounded impressive with IEMs, with dynamic headphones and with planar-magnetics alike so I consider it really versatile. If you look for a full-bodied sound, carrying a heavier tone, that is smooth, unoffensive and that can be listened for a very long session, then THR-1 is a logical recommendation. That hint of warmness, that effortless presentation made pairing and system matching a much easier task and it worked well even with hot sounding sources. THR-1 also came out as a soundstage king, that reminded me a lot about good tube designs without their shortcomings."



"I can say without fear that Kinki is one of the best 3 solid state headphones amplifiers that I’ve never heard in 45 years ... Able to give each headset an incredible energy, can do this without any artifice and without any effort. The sound is always perfectly balanced and detailed in every range, without generating any artificiality or fatigue of listening to all different piloted headset. And this is an absolute plus, in my opinion."


"I have to say that I have never heard an amplifier that sounds like this, in practice all the virtues of Solid State without defects and many qualities that are usually the preserve of the valve, incredible liquidity, large but non-disperse sound stage, crazy multidimensional, huge stratification, instrumental separation to the state of art, balance and absolute tonal balance, and what hit me In particular, it is the separation separation, what has to sound brilliant does it and what must play naturally gloomy does it, and this is the most difficult thing to achieve in hi-end, that is, the almost absence of intersections and amalgam of frequencies."

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