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This is absolutely one of my most satisfying audio gear purchased - EX-M1 +(Vietnam)

As per some guys out there on internet said, true that the EX-M1+ itself already very very good.

I’m a tube guy for years, recently want to find a SS amp to refresh my taste. I test many ss amp in my setup from a 2k to nearly 10k USD such as Atoll, Acoustic Arts, Hegel…nothing as good as this guy.

The EX M1+ maintained rich sound like tube amp that i familiar, but very much better in soundstage, dynamic, speed…

BTW, my current opamp using is as below, with that, the EX M1+ even going up to heaven :) really really holographic sounding.

I have Triangle Magellan Cello and Triangle Magellan Duetto, they never sound this good before with many more expensive amp.

At least 2 of my friends after listening to this, now seriously consider to get a EX M1+, the other is aiming to EX P27 and EX M7.

It sound great, fit my taste right out of the box.

Some of my audio friends had been convinced by its performance and are considering to bought for themselves.

Credit: Duy@ Vietnam





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