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There is only one product I decided to buy twice: the Kinki Studio EX-M7 power amplifier.

I have found so scarce difference in terms of pure performance with my couple of very expensive Luxman M800a that I decided to sell this couple of amps delivering 240 W under 8 Ohms in Class A, to go somewhere else with affordable devices that do not impose their own sound but only the diversity of music, consuming also far less electrical power.

This device clearly stands out and it provides access to exceptional sound quality for a very low price.

In fact, it has everything going for it: impeccable build quality, remarkable ergonomics, very high level clarity and resolution, a warm sound without excess coloring, great speed and dynamics, a particularly low level of distortion, and a much lower price than devices that can compete in terms of pure performance .

Near-perfection at a reasonable price, that's what could sum up the personality of this devilishly endearing amplifier!

Awesome VIVID AUDIO Setup With EX-M7

GIYA G1 SPIRIT paired with EX-M7

KAYA 90 paired with EX-M7

Credit: Joel Chevassus @ France





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