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The Speakers Have Never Sounded This Great - EX-M1 (New Zealand)

I have played the Ex M1 and the Pontus ll for 100 + hrs over the past 6 weeks and the sound just keeps getting better.

The last two weeks the bass has been going deeper with control, clarity, richness and the highs are so clean and smooth.

I’m still working on a proper set up, see below a couple of photos of the temporary setup in the study.

It is very basic with a USB from an iMac and the sound to 43 year old floor speakers. The speakers have never sounded this great.

Defiantly not fancy, but the music sounds amazing and that’s what’s important.

Hi Alvin and Ken, Thank you to both of you for been so helpful in answering all my questions and supplying such an amazing Kinki Studio Amp and Denafrips DAC.

All the best and good luck to both of you.



Credited By: Seán O.C

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Steven Paul
Steven Paul
Oct 16, 2022

Yes I agree, I have this model and at first was not happy, after playing it for a few weeks it opened up. Do not change the servo op amp it degrades the sound image.



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