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Thank you Kinki Studio ! I love your EX-B7! (Canada)

I live in Canada (Quebec) , I have 45 years old and my passion for audio began when I was teenager, when my father bought a stereo sound system for him (Sony, Bose and Teac), It was a kind of revelation for me, It was not a real hifi sound system, but it was better then the average. Since , like almost all audiophiles, I have built my own sound system step by step till now. Quite brands have pass in my system ,for exemple: Denon, Pioneer, Mission, Focal, Balanced audio technology , Tyler acoustics , Bryston, Topping ...

My today sound system: - Tyler acoustics woodmeres 2 (speakers)

- Moon 740P (preamp)

- Denafrips Terminator 2 (Dac)

- Small green giant i5 computer with sonore ultra rendu (end point)

- Kinki Studio EX-B7 (Monoblocks.)

I have bought the kinki Studio Ex-B7 without even listen to it, I have read a couple of reviews and forums, but the review that have decided me was the review of (magazine audio).

I have around 500 hours on the Ex-B7 now and the only thing I can say is : thank you Kinki studio! Its a dream for me without spending the price of a car!

Subtility, separation, headroom, smootness ... I cant find a negative point in regard of the sound! Nice look and construction quality!

Service: I had a ground loop problem and I was certain that the problem came from the Ex-B7, so I decide to E-Mail Ken of kinki-Studio, 15 minutes later, he e-mail me with a really complete trouble shooting procedure (I have never find this kind of procedure in forum), Finally with the procedure, I have find the Hum (ground loop) came from my linear power supply. This is the kind of service you can get of this company and I love It!

Thank you Kinki Studio ! I love your EX-B7!

Credit: Daniel.F @ Canada



Distributor In Canada



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