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The Kinki THR-1 plays well with all headphones tested: High or low impedance, high or low sensitivity, the Kinki delivers. However, there are some synergies I want to highlight: I found the THR-1 to pair insanely well with the Beyerdynamic T1 mk2, and also the Sennheiser HD800 finds a great companion in the Kinki THR-1. Other matches I want to emphasize is the Hifiman Sundara, the Audeze LCD-3, and the Fostex TH-900. 

The Kinki performs admirably for its price, but compared to some of the significantly more expensive headphone amplifiers in this test, the THR-1 doesn’t go all the way in terms of crystal clear detail and ultimate dynamics. However, it compensates largely with a highly involving and musical presentation. In short, I was truly impressed with the Kinki THR-1. It is a great all-rounder and has a very appealing sound signature that gives a touch of that rich and organic presence which often is associated with good tube amplifiers. 



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