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Massive improvement over Class-D integrated amplifier - EX-M7

The addition of the Kinki Studio EX-M7 amplifier has brought new life to my system, which previously had been served by a well-known Class-D integrated amplifier. Notably, the midrange is more liquid and expressive and the dynamics are extraordinarily palpable with the EX-M7. I was introduced to the EX-M7 by spot-on reviews from Srajan Ebaen at 6 Moons and Joël Chevassus at Audiophile Magazine. Those reviews prompted me to sell my integrated amp and install the EX-M7 without hearing it. Of course, that entails a "leap of faith," a phrase coined by Danish philosopher Kierkegaard. I took that leap and have never looked back! Kudos to the Kinki Studio team!


-- Kinki EX-M7 power amp

-- Lumin T2 streamer

-- Grimm SQM XLRs

-- Vivid B1 Decade speakers in Rosso Barchetta red (only 200 produced in a limited edition) -- Roon Nucleus with a Samsung 860 EVO 2TB SSD

-- etherREGEN switch fed by a Sonore opticalModule (and Sonore-supplied transceivers and 1M optical cable) with a SOtM dCBL-Cat7 cable to my Nucleus and a DH Labs Reunion Cat8 to my Lumin T2 streamer -- Keces P8 linear power supply feeding the Nucleus (19V), switch (12V), and opticalModule (5V/1A), -- AudioQuest Niagara 1000 power conditioner -- ASI LiveLine loom (purchased directly from Franck Tchang when I lived in France) -- Less Loss Firewall for Speakers -- Roon lifetime license with Tidal streaming

Credit: Michael F.@ US





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