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M7 Seems To Be Better Match For My Burmester BA31 Loudspeakers (Norway)

I have now had the opportunity to compare the M7 to Denafrips Hyperion in my system, and M7 is definitely a far better match. I agree with your description of the sound differences, between Denafrips and Kinki. The Hyperion has a “fulller” bass but not as tight and clearly defined as the M7. In my system with very transparent loudspeakers the Hyperion sounded warmer but not as refined.

The M7 has replaced my 600W Class D mono blocks from Bel Canto. The M7 seems to be a far better match for my Burmester BA31 loudspeakers. The Bel Canto monoblocks delivered a very neutral and detailed sound, but regardless of their 600W did not manage to give enough fullness to the bass. The M7 gives just the right amount, while the Denafrips Hyperion created too much bass for my taste. I would highly recommend it the Kinki M7! At the moment I am still using my Bel Canto Dac/Preamp, but I will definitely consider a Kinki Preamp in the future. Ideally I would have hoped for a Kinki Dac with a good preamp like my Bel Canto 3.7 DAC. Maybe that will be available in the future?. (The Pre7 would be an alternative with an external DAC, but I feel the Pre EX-P27 has inputs and outputs far beyond my needs as I only listen to digital music from one source.

Credit: Svein.E @ Norway





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