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Kinki Studio THR-1 HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER Review From SoundStage!

I found its rich overall balance addictive. Its imaging was well outside my head, producing the illusion of a cloud of sound around my noggin, and it had a way with texture that practically massaged my ears.

THR-1 headphone amplifier costs $1198 including shipping (all prices USD)

On it, from left to right, are: a Power button surmounted by an LED that glows orange when the unit is on; A four-pin XLR headphone jack labeled Phone 1; a pair of 1/4″ (6.3mm) jacks labeled Phone 2 and Phone 3, respectively also labeled for headphones of High and Low impedance; a button for selecting between Channel 1 (single ended) and Channel 2 (balanced) inputs. Above this two small LEDs, labeled Ch1 and Ch2, to indicate which input is active; a large, smooth volume knob with a concave face; and an Output/Phone switch for toggling between line and headphone output.

The left side of the rear panel contains all input and output connections: a pair of female balanced (XLR) connectors labeled Right In and Left In above and Ch2 below, and between these a pair of single-ended (RCA) jacks labeled Right In and Left In above and Ch1 below; then a pair of stacked output XLRs labeled Right and Left. At far right is a three-pronged IEC power inlet with fuse bay, and below that the model and serial numbers. The THR-1 sits on four largish, rubber-bottomed feet that, when I tapped one, felt and sounded substantial. The frequency response is rated as 20Hz-300kHz, ±1dB, with a S/N ratio of >98dB. The input sensitivity is 2.25-3.6V RMS, the input impedance is 50k ohms, and the preamp output is 2.25-3.6V RMS. Each headphone output can deliver 2.2W at 300 ohms or 1.3W at 600 ohms.

Special Thanks : Mark Phillips from Soundstage WHERE TO BUY?



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