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High Fidelity: EX-P7 + B7 Pre Power

"The tested set of Kinki Studio, consisting of the EX-P7 line preamplifier and EX-B7 power amplifiers, despite the attractive, not to say low, pricing, surprises both with the build and sound quality. Audio manufacturers have accustomed us in the last several years that audio components that offer this level of performance must cost a lot more. Mr. Liu proves that it does not have to be like that at all.

For the price of 30% more than a price tag on my Hijiri Million Kiwami interconnect, one can buy a preamplifier and a pair of mono amplifiers capable of delivering an output of 250 W per channel and in AB Class and not in D. This is quite simple, or specialized as some purists would call it, set as the preamplifier does not feature any additional functions such as a DAC, streamer, phono preamplifier, Bluetooth receiver, so any of add-ons that many currently manufactured preamps are packed with. This set offers a specialized preamplifier with three analog inputs and outputs and monaural power amps.

As far as the performance goes, we get a dense, weighty, slightly warm sound combined with good dynamics and PRAT, and - if necessary - a really high energy. The sound is smooth, coherent, and users are, to a point, protected against surprises such as too rough or too bright treble often present in not so audiophile recordings. The ultimate character of the system will depend to a certain extent on the loudspeakers that we connect to the EX-B7. I suggest pairing them with fast, dynamic loudspeakers with an open top, but not too weighty or too smooth sounding, without an excessively extended bass base. The latter elements will be introduced by the Kinki Studio set and together with suggested type of speakers they will create a system that will allow you to enjoy any type of music.

You can expect an immersive experience, stimulating blood circulation, inspiring real emotions - in a word, one that most music lovers look for. Anyway, I listened to rock (even some heavy metal) as well as classical music (chamber, large orchestras and operas), female vocals and blues, and even a bit of pop and enjoyed every album. An even better (and much more expensive) preamplifier proved that it is possible to get a bit more resolution, improve differentiation and clarity from the Kinki Studio power amplifiers. The costs of such a set will increase significantly, but it's worth knowing that the EX-B7 has even more potential than what you will hear and appreciate with the EX-P7.“

Reviewed by: Marek


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