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EX-M1 Reviewed By NBT Studio

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"It has such a rich tonality, and such great visual impact in the strings and in the voicing of such instruments and female vocals and also male vocals, that you really get the sense that they are in the room.

Now, another thing that i really want like to point out is the fact that the unit is very good at separating the different instruments and the voices. Even when i put this in such a small size room with some small size monitor (loudspeakers), I can really pinpoint the instruments in the space. "

Reviewed by:

Soulsik, NBT Studio

Canada Distributor:

Charisma Audio

Suite 86, Unit A14 4261 Highway 7 Markham, Ontario

Tel: 905-470-0825

Fax: 905-470-7966 Web:



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