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EX-M1, Juraj @ Croatia

Having come from audiophile hiatus last year or so it was frustrating to find a good all rounder amp that can satisfy my music preference and as well be a bona fide high end solution, wich is not as easy as you know. Kinki studio EX-M1 has really grow on me since my (impulsive) purchase. But it turn out great!

First of all there is a sense of real ownership pride in a beautifuly looking and built unit. Second, it is great amp to rock with. It has imense amounts of power, resolution and insight in recording. When i recieved it i was a litlle sceptical at first, but having few sources, and cabeling tryed on it i can say that it is a real bargain and a value for money champ. Do Youself a favour and try a few realy good power cords on it (i have settled with Wireworld silver electra), and if possible try to feed it with quality signal, as much as You can and You have a long term solution, that will react in sound quality increase if, or rather when you upgrade a source.

Amp is crazy transparent and detailed wich is a fun to listen to with all kind of music, specially with more dynamic stuff. Sound stage is not as much wide, as it is deep, and i mean deep, and instrument separation is great. 

All in all i realy enjoy EX-M1 and looking forward to test it with different sources in future, just to see how far can it go.

PS special thanx to mr. Alvin for his profesional aproach.

Credit: Juraj, Croatia



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