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EX-M1 + Boenicke W8


Here is a photo and my first impression.

On the photo you see my old and my new HiFi-system. I bought in 1990 the two Quart satalite speakers with a canton subwoofer. Around 12 years ago I bought the Technics receiver and CD player (because the old one was not anymore working and they could not fix it). A few years ago I was thinking about buying a new setup.

I was searching in the internet, buying some magazines. In the internet I found an article about Boenicke, a Swiss speaker manufacture. What I was reading caught my attention. So, as I had a meeting in Basel I was walking to his small store and had the chance to listen to the W5 and the W8.

It was a great experience. I was not sitting in this small room, but in a big concert hall, pointing to all the different instruments. It was amazing! This experience stayed in my mind. After listening to other speakers, too, and reading many articles with different very interesting tests, I found in the internet the first time a second hand W8. Wow, was this the moment make a dream come true? After a few days thinking and also talking to my wife, I decided to call this person. And yes, the speakers were still available. After a few days I decided to buy them. A week later the speakers were standing in our living room. Very nice - and unbelievable to listen to. Even with my not very expensive amplifier. But I wanted to buy also a new amplifier, so I wrote an email to Sven Boenicke, what he would recommend. He was very kind and gave me his suggestion to buy the Kinki amplifier. He even would buy it for me and improve a few things. New speaker cable (also from Boenicke) and a power wire, everything together he would put together for me. 

A week ago I could pick up the whole setup. I was really nervous. Now I had the chance to listen to my old HiFi setup (around 2000 Dollar) and the new setup (around 10‘000 Dollar). I have to admit, I was even amazed about my old speaker system. Not bad. But the new one was even clearer, smoother, very detailed. My wife, sitting beside me and listening the same music back and forth to both setups said: The new speakers seam to be closer, not so far away. Yes, it is not the same experience as I had in Boenicke’s studio. But I really love the new setup! I listen nearly every evening one or more songs before going to bed. I am in the music. The music is around me. From the bass to the hightest tones, everything is so clear and warmly sounding. Every pice of music I listen like the first time. 

Thank you, Sven Boenicke and Kinki, for this very special piece of art (the boenicke‘s are really nice furniture!) and the sound! 

Thank you and greetings from Switzerland

Stefan Pfister



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