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Dynaudio & KEF LS50's Speakers with EX-M1+ (Philippines)

I prefer studio albums with this amplifier over live recordings

The last decade I have changed my system 3 times. The first system was a class AB 80watt amplifier, second was a 200watt Class D amplifier and currently the class AB Kinki Studio EX-M1+. I mainly listen to heavy metal on vinyl records with a rega planar 8, Ania pro cartridge.

Let me be straight to the point, this amplifier rocks! The quick transitions in the music are no effort for this amplifier. Something I always felt was lacking in my previous setup. The amplifier is fast, detailed and full sounding. Roomfilling sound thought my KEF LS50’s and dynaudio's is amazing. I prefer studio albums with this amplifier over live recordings, I can't exactly explain why, might have something to do with the recording quality.

Talking about the LS50’s, this amp changes the way they sound coming from a 200watt class d amp. If you have a pair of LS50’s this amp will make them shine.

In my case I would like a matching phono preamp for my setup from Kinki Studio. With the same approach to the sound as the ex-m1+. Maybe in the future.

My amplifier arrived with a loose knob. During transport the amplifier got hit and the tread of the rotary encoder broke. After two emails with Ken from Kinki Studio, I got a new front board. Service is excellent. And I will definitely would buy from them again. Currently looking to try some digital audio with a denafrips DAC. The sound of this amplifier is inviting me to try new things, so from. 25 years playing vinyl I'm going to expose myself to digital audio.

Credit: Onno@ Philippines





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