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Don't Be Surprise - M7 Can Drive Vivid Audio Giya Series Effortlessly (France)

After spending some time with the EX-M7 power unit, I can only congratulate you on the result obtained. "Rich Transparency" could be my conclusion, whether I use it with my Mola Mola Tambaqui or the Sonnet Pasithea with the Marten Duke 2 on this system.

The Kinki EX-M7 lets the most transparent sources express themselves in their diversity, does not impose a pronounced sound signature and gives this subtle cocktail of raw power, tonal refinement, depth, life, once adopted we seek what we could reproach him without decently finding anything. We basically don't really need to compare it, just to judge it as a successful and unique amplifier, it is just that, an excellent performer that plays in tune.

Giya G2 paired with EX-M7

Marten Duke 2 paired with EX-M7

Credit: Nicolas.B @ France



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