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"In my little black book of amplifier acquaintances, on the upward diagonal starting with the Job 225 to then feature the Kinki Studio EX-M1 higher up on the same sonic spur,the EX-M7 now sat right next to the LinnenberG Liszt which are our reference amps for the big system. That put it nicely above the integrated and just slightly below the Bakoon AMP-13R. Where/when the latter's 25wpc don't fully matter because speakers and rooms are too big, that puts the Kinki EX-M7 right up there on the top plateau where our fiscal reality can afford to play. On that level which purely sonically would include the EUR15'000 AGD Production Vivace and Merrill Audio Element 114, today's amp is certainly by far the most affordable. We must thank Mr. Liu for being a gentle not greedy man. For this level of build quality, features and sound, he could charge a lot more and rub shoulders with quite illustrious company in designer suits.

As is, the only thing the EX-M7 won't buy is snob appeal.

I think that many of our readers can easily do without. Some might even get more subversive pleasure from shopping well outside the mainstream and far away from the high street.

Going in, didn't I predict that getting kinked would be far better than unglued? Though given these results, the latter is quite allowed; even warranted!"

Reviewed by: Srajan Ebaen - 6moons



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