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Army Tank and Swiss Luxury Watch- EX-B7

Extreme refinement and elegance with an insane instantaneous power , built both as a army tank and a Swiss luxury watch, this how I would describe the Kinki EX-B7 monoblocks power amps.


Mac Mini in another room with Jriver as UPNP Server, connected by ethernet to a ASUS XT8 Wifi Access point in the audio room

Trinnov Amethyst as UPNP drive, connected by Wifi only to Access Point (avoid all network switchs, cables, switching power supplies, etc, issues).

AES Acrolink 7ND5000 digital cable output

Mola Mola Tambaqui DAC

XLR Antipodes Komako cables

Kinki EX-B7

Viard Audio Premium HD Speaker cables

Power cables: Ludic Polaris

Power distributor: LH Audio

iFi iPurifier

Vivid GIya G3 Speakers

Awesome VIVID AUDIO Setup With EX-B7

Credit: Thierry @ FR



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