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A Gentle Giant


Disregarding all my jokes, Vision THR-1 came out as a really serious piece of kit, it is modern looking, built like a tank and has an affordable sticker attached to it considering all its pros.

It sounded impressive with IEMs, with dynamic headphones and with planar-magnetics alike so I consider it really versatile. If you look for a full-bodied sound, carrying a heavier tone, that is smooth, unoffensive and that can be listened for a very long session, then THR-1 is a logical recommendation. That hint of warmness, that effortless presentation made pairing and system matching a much easier task and it worked well even with hot sounding sources.

THR-1 also came out as a soundstage king, that reminded me a lot about good tube designs without their shortcomings.

Kinki Sudio Vision THR-1 can be purchased directly from their web-store by following this link or you can contact your local distributor for one.


  • Solid build quality, it’s built like a tank in a thick Faraday cage that doubles as a giant heat-sink.

  • Great tonal balance, always natural and weighty sounding

  • Extended frequency response with a good transparency

  • Sounds open wide on all axes, has an amazing depth too

  • Very powerful output stage, can drive any headphone with authority

  • Airy and big sounding all the time

  • Smooth and easy going, non-aggressive approach

  • Leans towards an engaging performance, adding color and nuance to your music

  • Paired well with all my headphones from sensitive IEMs to big planars


  • Not the most linear sounding

  • As a line-stage, a remote control is a must

Reviewed by: Sandu Vitalie



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