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The EX-M1 simply lets the music through without adding its own.

My current listening room is sub-optimum at best. As I said before the Klipsch Cornwalls are 102db sensitive and need lots of room to breathe. My apartment room is definitely not ideal. I also use a simple desktop as my source and a Musical Paradise MP-D2 dac feeds the EX-M1. Signal processing is minimum at best.

And through this all, the EX-M1 still manages to shine through. Any changes that I make in my Dac in terms of different tubes, rectifiers, or capacitors are reflected honestly without any smear. The EX-M1 simply lets the music through without adding its own. Changing the Op-amps to Sparkos has made things even better. The entire sound spectrum is simply more clear and tonality, detail, resolution and bass, have all improved noticeably. Despite my small apartment or having the Cornwalls against the back wall, the bass is prodigious. 

The star of the show is of course the EX-M1 volume control. I always have two problems when pairing amps with the Klipsches - one that the amp is not quiet enough and second that the volume steps are too short. With the EX-M1, I do not have to bother about either. Even with my ears close to the drivers I cannot hear any noise with this amp. And I have a huge volume-step range to play with; My usual listening is between 30 to 60 for my normal listening.

All in all - this is a really great amplifier. I am already saving to go for the power and pre combo.

Credit: Aneep P. (Owner of EX-M1)



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