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PGA2310 Stereo Audio Volume Control


We are moving a big step forward. This is the answer to many of our customers request to have much lower gain, and linear volume control. Texas Instruments PGA2310, it is. The 256-steps relay-based attentuator will be replaced with the PGA2310.

“The PGA2310 is a high-performance, stereo audio volume control designed for professional and high-end consumer audio systems. The ability to operate from ±15-V analog power supplies enables the PGA2310 to process input signals with large voltage swings, thereby preserving the dynamic range available in the overall signal path. Using high performance operational amplifier stages internal to the PGA2310 yields low noise and distortion, while providing the capability to drive 600-Ω loads directly without buffering."

"The heart of the PGA2310 is a resistor network, an analog switch array, and a high-performance bipolar op amp stage. The switches select taps in the resistor network that determine the gain of the amplifier stage. Switch selections are programmed using a serial control port. The serial port allows connection to a wide variety of host controllers. "

Compare to the relay based attenuator (several blind A/B tests were conducted), the 100-steps PGA2310 volume control added a slight warmth to the mid band frequency, it may be a good news for most people.

This upgrade will be applied to the EX-M1, EX-M1+.

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Nov 27, 2019

Hello @the.uncola, it's only for the new units.


Will this be available as an upgrade or is it only for new units?



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