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Our Favorite Products Of The Year 2023

Earth Series Studio Grade Cables

Six Moons : Whose Earth cables replaced my prior Allnic loom in the main rig. Looking like Crystal Cable yet selling for wildly less, the Kinki cables are engineered for the same sonic profile as their electronics: very wide bandwidth, high rise times, absence of time confusion, linearity, energy transmission and lucidity. With Kinki EX-B7 monos on our speakers, it made perfect sense that truly matching cables would win out. Given that Allnic's designer Mr. Kang Su specializes in tube gear, it's no surprise that his cables would pursue a related aural aesthetic of extra warmth and mass. To hear the Kinki sound at its very best, switching to the quicker more lit-up Earth loom made a real difference. But my hifi deities weren't done with me and this Singapore shop yet. When my trusty 10-year old Goldmund Job 225 subwoofer amp suddenly began losing its cool to run exceptionally hot, a failed transistor overloading its mates signalled impending end of life. After trying a few amp spares, I ordered in the matching Kinki EX-M7 stereo amp. Its input sensitivity, voltage gain, circuit specifics and sound tuning are a perfect match for the EX-B7 monos. The only adjustment my Lifesaver Audio Gradient Box smart xover must make now is to offset whatever sensitivity difference might exist between the main speakers and our 2 x 15" sound . It'll only be a few dB.

CHOCO EMEI - New Mini Integrated Amplifier

Nemo Propaganda : The most shocking product of 2023! Insane Value ! It is s an amplifier with a volume knob and that's pretty much it and at under $1,700 it's some of the best sound I've ever heard

Video File - Can refer from 9:50 -10:50

Kinki Studio :  As we bid farewell to 2023, we wanted to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude to our customers of unwavering support throughout the year. Trust and loyalty have been instrumental in our continued growth and success.

Numerous feedback and support have been invaluable, and we are truly thankful for inspire us to strive for excellence and motivates us to continually improve and innovate.

Looking ahead to 2024, we are excited to share some upcoming news. Due to the increasing demand and numerous requests for an expanded product range, our team is working tirelessly to ensure that the new products not only meets but exceeds the expectations.

Here's to a fantastic 2024 filled with innovation and success!



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