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Kinki Studio EX-M7 Power Amp Review - A Natural Bare-Knuckle Pugilist


There were a lot of green flags raised with M7 even from the start. The component selection was top notch, it had impressive specs top to bottom, particularly the output power, signal to noise ratio, its wide bandwidth and slew rates stood out from the rest. Not going to lie that I was very anxious to receive it and make a proper evaluation for this unit, it simply deserved my full attention.

As for its sound, it felt like pouring Trappist Belgian ale down my throat. It offered a fresh new sound, a much denser and full-bodied presentation, a powerful kick into my chest, a very spread-out soundstage plus an organic and like-life performance that I didn’t experience up to this point.

The attack and body slams that I’ve experienced with this one, would not be forgotten very soon as transient response, for me, is the most important aspect of any integrated or power amplifier.

Kinki Studio EX-M7 is quite an expensive power amplifier, coming at close to $2600, not a lot of folks could a afford such a unit. However, if you are searching for a top-class power amplifier that got power to spare, plus refinement in the same chassis, then EX-M7 is wholeheartedly recommended!

This is actually the second component ever to received our highest Gold Award. I am putting my reputation in this badge as I know that if you get one, lots of smiles, toe taps, head-bangs, whisky and Belgian ale bottles will follow.

Kinki Studio EX-M7 was kindly loaned to me by the Kinki Studio team, you can get one by following this link and if you do so, please say hello to Ken from me.


  • Big, bold, imposing, simple industrial design

  • Impressive number of features, considering it is only a power amplifier

  • Need lots of power? EX-M7 got that covered and it should drive easily stand-floors with the same authority and self-confidence.

  • By far one of the best dynamics and body slams I have encountered in my speaker setup, EX-M7 is simply a natural pugilist.

  • One of the best diaphragm controls, with an instant start and stop of the speaker drivers, has a speedy decay of the notes too.

  • Sounds big, airy, decompressed and very deep. In terms of scale, this is the one to beat in all my future tests.

  • Accurate pin point location of all musical notes, it is very 3D sounding.

  • Extended frequency response at both ends, it’s linear and straight as a line too

  • One of the best bass and midrange performance I’ve experienced thus far

  • No background noise even at high listening volumes

  • Great tonal balance, it sounds natural, life-like and organic

  • That amp/speaker protection circuit is a god-sent

  • If you want one of the best ones, this is it


  • Hot after about an hour or so, don’t place anything on top or under it. Few cm/inches will be needed for a proper ventilation

  • Slightly bigger in size compared to all my former integrated and power amps, choose a proper rack that supports its size and weight

  • A bit expensive but it’s understandable why

Overall score


  • Value 97/100

  • Power Output 95/100

  • Resolution 96/100

  • Dynamics 100/100

  • Frequency Response 95/100

  • Stage Size 96/100

  • Build Quality 98/100

Reviewed by: Sandu Vitalie


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