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Importance Of Customers Satisfaction and Product's Performance. (THR-1 Headphone Amplifier)

I don't have to call it a review, but I'll send you a brief listening experience. The first impression after unpacking and listening with a little waiting time was that I understood that it was a rich texture that reviewers commonly mentioned. I kept my wallet and got what I wanted! For the evaluation of product performance, you can refer to the reviews of reviewers who are already more capable and reliable than me. I just bought it after seeing the reviews!! And I am very satisfied now. My music listening system is based on PC-FI. PC->DAC->H-Amp So, I have to be careful about spending a lot of money on the audio environment. A product that is faithful to features and performance for the price. That's all. I prefer so-called cost-effective products. So, looking at various audio-specialized reviews and application cases, I thought, 'I know, but there's no need to do it like that'. Therefore, I have been thinking about and finding an appropriate configuration considering my audio listening environment. My settings are just one example. About THR-1, I could already get enough reviews through a search, and it was even mentioned as a so-called 'things people know about' among the many product groups in domestic related clubs. Since they had seen the related products they had used before, they could be sure, and their evaluation was mostly like this. 'Saving unnecessary budget waste' and 'Closing the price of headphone amplifier' Most of them said that if it is 'THR-1', there is no need to pay more and use similar products. It was said that you can forget about the headphone amp for the headphones you are going to bring in. Of course, there are more expensive products with better performance, but for me who uses PC-FI, I judged it to be a waste, and I think users with PC-based environments will be similar. The mere mention of the THR-1 among the reviews left by overseas users and among those who know it well in domestic clubs was enough to motivate me to buy it. Because once you use any headphones, the THR-1 will run. Reproductions of famous products were also mentioned in domestic clubs, but no matter how best, reproductions are reproductions and products from several decades ago. I'm not interested in things that don't even have originality. I haven't used the product in earnest yet, but I've seen comments and reviews about THR-1 from reliable sources, so I think it will meet expectations. Rather, I had a surprising experience in an unexpected element: the delivery. I received the product you sent me today (6/4). Originally it came home for lunch yesterday (6/3), but no one was home, so it was sent back. Delivery one day earlier than the expected date is not uncommon and I was very surprised. It's 3 days from payment to receipt, and that's also overseas delivery... It's amazing.

3 days delivery is very fast even for domestic delivery. That's why I write 'I am satisfied with the fast delivery' in the review. Even for overseas delivery, it takes 3 days to go through customs and deliver to my home. The expected delivery time was about 7 days. Because I have already made overseas purchases in the past. This time I had a very special experience. To put it to the extreme, 'Shipping speed was awesome.' All that remains is to burn in the THR-1 well and enjoy it with headphones. If you had to add it, what would you replace the headphones with?

Credit: Lee @ Korea





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