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"If bass crack, snappy attitude, effortlessness, cleanliness, openness and generous insight are top measures to describe the EX-M1, then all these fit to Kinki Studio’s three-piece set as well. This team sounded familiar right from the get-go, the same unrestrained and feisty aroma additionally sprinkled with finely dosed substance, texturing and smoothness clearly was in the air, albeit enhanced. In spite of many similarities shared with the integrated, the trio was of different sort. It worked its own magic, shifted the meta audibly and it took me several days to figure whether its tailoring complimented my notorious speakers in more synergistic fashion. "


"The very impressive Kinki Studio EX-M1 introduced very high expectations for any of its future stablemates, hence the EX-P7+EX-B7 combo by the same company hadn’t had it easy, on the contrary. Nonetheless, this threesome did a terrific job at my place, albeit with a major twist; in comparison to its integrated sibling it played audibly different game. "

"As well put together, visually appealing and hassle-free in use as the EX-M1, this review’s trio scored similarly high and yours truly couldn’t find any shortcomings. The three machines simply delivered, Liu’s R&D and assembly proved to be top notch yet again. It’s very likely that many manufacturers would require far more money for a high performance team dressed this nicely. Kinki’s hardware proudly made in China is priced competitively to sell volume instead of single units. Needless to say, such a reasonable policy makes a customer its direct beneficiary. "

"Sonically the EX-P7+EX-B7 team turned out to be as spectacularly agile, smooth and seasoned as its integrated kin, which translates to plainly impressive performance and no less. But the former’s audibly gutsier, bloomier, more relaxed and less lit up voicing my ears mapped as a sideways shift and not a move up or down on the quality ladder, hence the wholly Chinese battle above resulted in a draw. As a cost-effective quality integrated affair, the EX-M1 yet again proved to be as solid as it ever was, whereas Kinki Studio’s three-piece set is the one to get acquainted with if you’re after reaping all the benefits associated with multi-boxed affairs of the sort but are tight on cash. Stunning performance, broad functionality, nice visuals and grand execution are the reasons why this trio’s very reasonable ask is fully justified in my book. Very nice work and ’till next time! "

Reviewed by Dawid Grzyb

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