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EX-M1 Production

We're building a lot of EX-M1, a lot of them. Thanks to the recent Blue Moon Awards by 6moons Editor, Srajan Ebaen. Read the full review here:

We thought it might be interesting to show some of the work-in-progress photos, to keep you guys entertained.

The amplifier board, populated with components, mounted on the CNC milled aluminium block.

We've waited the long lead time Vishay BC capacitors from RSComponents. We ordered in bulk (some 1000pcs), but delivery was partial. That's good enough so to keep us busy fulfilling orders on hand.

Noticed the marking on the PCBoard? Each board is carefully matched as they are meant to be in a pair. Stereo sound, anyone?

Genuine UK Made Amplimo Transformer, waiting to fix in the chassis.

More photos on your way!



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