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EX-M1 | Igor, Slovenia

It was crystal clear from the first played track that the Kinki exhibited complete control, tempo, precision, finesse and dynamics with power to spare driving my extremely hungry Boenicke W5 loudspeakers. They really opened up and shined.

I had heard them perform like that before but only when driven by equipment of an uncomparably higher price range. So it easily blew off my previous amps immediately. But that is only the beginning!

I haven't turned the Kinki off since the day I wired it into my system. The transformation that is still happening after several hundreds of hours of play time is nothing short of stunning. It's really hard to believe that this is the same amp.

What was solid from the first day on is now commanding. There is a newly found ripeness in the sound that just wasn't there on day 1. Voices have gained a sweet and organic timbre, instruments sound fuller with more body and naturalness, attacks are faster and decays extended. What was open is now eerily airy and spacious. Cymballs seem to shimmer on forever before ringing out. It seems as if the bass has extended for another half an octave lower with full precision and zero boominess or overhang. The sound stage has tightened up with easily definable placing of instruments. There is a newly found power and weight and natural flow in the delivery of the music. And it's still getting better and better by the day.

Quite astonishing for this price point. I really believe the Kinki has to be one of the most honestly priced pieces of audiophile grade equipment today! It makes me now consider going for a power cord that will easily come in at half the price of the amp. And I'm fully convinced the Kinki deserves it. Actually I feel ashamed for using just the stock cord so far.

Oh, and not to mention the build quality and of course Alvin and the level of customer service provided in the procurement process. He goes the extra mile. Every day, all day.

Enough said. Going back to my listening chair. One happy user here!

Credit: Igor, Slovenia

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Wandering Waldo
Wandering Waldo
Sep 08, 2021

Greatt blog post



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