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EX-M1, France

I have owned many integrated amplifiers (Octave v70se, Gold Note Demidoff Signature Anniversary, Manley Stingray II ...) with different sonic signatures but not of them equal the Kinki Studio EX-M1, it also surpasses my last separated Pass Labs set-up (Preamp XP-10 and power amp XA 30.8) which is not an easy task. I am totally impressed by the smoothness and fluidity of the sound, there is sweetness but also heavy notes which gives a real weight to the music, the high frequencies are never aggressive, the low medium is really present and gives superb body to the music while the bass is incredibly deep.

I listen to all kind of music (as I also runs besides my daily job two music labels), from ambient IDM, jazz to heavy rock and electronics, I am just impressed by the way the E-X M1 shows incredible skills on all kinds of music, each time I listen to music it gives me a huge smile. The association with my Lawrence Audio Violin SE speakers is simply perfect, I now have the sound I have searched for some years.

My E-X M1 is not burnt yet so I cannot imagine how good it will sound in the  next weeks after the 300 hours of recommended burning time.

Thank you for the listening pleasure you give me every day !

Credit: Laurent Le Fers @ France



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