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EX-M1 - Dynamic, Transparent, Built Like A Tank - (US)

The comparison was to famous McIntosh MA9000 and this amp turned out to be better suited to drive the speakers (Jenzen-Next designed by Troels Gravesen).

While MA9000 did have very sweet midrange and good soundstage, the main problem in this setup was the lack of rhythm and dynamics. McIntosh amp was also not that much into the details of the recording.

Kinki provided more balanced, direct and precise presentation and most of all - it is very dynamic. Those qualities are very needed for those speakers. I also think, that this sound has less of it's own character - is less colored than from MA9000.

Being transparent - it encourages to experiment with cables and accessories as the changes done are easy to hear and distinct. Also changing opamps opens up quite many possibilities. On the factory opamps - the amplifier seems a bit dry and lean in midrange. There seems to be a gap in the middle of the soundstage. Trying few opamps one can find the combination best suited to his taste and rest of the system allowing to reveal the full potential of the amp. Also the construction of the amp is very impressive with that modular design.

(The latest version has been improved and resolved ) Some functional downsides (some improved in later versions)

- volume control - having high gain - even volume of 001 is too loud for the normal conversation, switching to low gain makes the sound less dynamic. Annoyingly later the volume needs to be changed by few points to hear the difference (when you go around 5 and up).

- The front panel aesthetics - too flashy to my taste - the display could be a bit smaller and have the possibility to dimm the letters even more (or switch of completely), the knobs could be a bit smaller - especially flatter. It could look more like Hegel amps. Other than that - this is built like a tank, which is really great.

Credit: Michal@ US





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