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Complete Guide To EX-M7

Hello guys,

Pleased to share these videos. I call them the COMPLETE GUIDE TO THE EX-M7.

We designed the amplifier to be as modular as possible. Not only for the EX-M7, in fact, the same design philosophy applies to the EX-M1/EX-M1+/EX-P7/EX-B7 etc.

There is a good reason behind this - after sales service.

These modules can be replaced easily without the need of highly skilled professional. We do not recommend components level troubleshooting. Should the amplifier develops fault, we will work with you to identify the issue.

For example:

  1. Out of the blue, the Left Channel no sound

  2. We will need you to do the following tests:

    1. Power off the amplifier

    2. Swap the L/R signal cables to the amplifier

    3. Power on the amplifier

    4. Is the Left channel no sound persists?

    5. If it did (no sound), power off the amplifier.

    6. Normalize the L/R signal cables. Swap the L/R speaker cables to the loudspeakers

    7. Power on the amplifier

    8. Is the Left channel no sound persists?

    9. If it did (no sound), we can conclude that the left channel is faulty

  3. We will ship a left amp board to you to replace. The faulty board can be shipped to us once it's fixed.

In general, the amplifiers are robust and reliable. But we understand accident does happen. Amp module / transistors blow up was likely due to short-circuit of the speaker cables (+) and (-) leads. If this ever happen, you may find these guide useful. Very cool isn't it?

Step 1. Top Cover Removal

Step 2. Right Amp Module Removal

Step 3. Left Amp Module Removal

Step 4. Amp Board Swapping

Step 5. Amp Modules Installation

Step 6. Power Up (Smoke Test!)

Step 7. Top Cover Installation

Step 8. Hook it up to the system and play some good music!

Yours sincerely,




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