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CHoco Sound · EMEI Integrated Amp

CHoco Sound, a new subsidiary brand of Kinki Studio focused on artistically designed, small form factor, high-performance products. The first product EMEI ultra-compact Integrated Amp is striving to make its mark in the audio industry by embodying the exceptional sound quality and design DNA of Kinki Studio.

EMEI • Ultra-Compact, High Power Integrated Amplifier Adopting the latest generation all-DC forward feedback amplification circuit by KINKI STUDIO, there are no capacitive components in the audio signal path, ensuring no coloration and the purest reproduction of the original music.

EMEI • The cute yet ferocious little monster is adaptable in both movement and stillness The power amplifier is equipped with a 400VA Audio-grade Toroid Transformer, along with high slew rate DC rectifier & Reservoir Capacitors Bank. The exaggerated output power of 138 watts per channel (8ohms) in stereo is unbelievable! The multiple independent DC power supplies provide separate power to the preamp signal amplification, power amplification, protection circuit, control circuit, and expansion equipment. This luxurious configuration is designed exclusively for music.

EMEI • Craftsmanship and design do not compromise on aesthetics The all-aluminum metal armored chassis is machined with multi-faceted 3D precision, exquisite and sturdy. The K9 crystal display screen is hand-polished to be crystal-clear, silky smooth, and supple. The beauty is reflected in the details, and it has both a sense of luxury and affordability.



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