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Announcement: EX-M1+

Updated: May 7, 2019

Hello guys,

Happy Easter Day to you and your loved ones! At this holiday season, we'd like to give you a heads up of the upcoming EX-M1+

Yes, you read it right, a + variant of the best seller EX-M1. We've been receiving quite a number of inquiries of adding the preamp output, preamp/home theater bypass input to the EX-M1. The chief designer Mr. Liu has been working behind the scene to implement these features. Applaud to his dedication and positive attitude towards addressing customers' requests, yes?

It is ready - almost! Here's some sneak peak of the EX-M1+

1. Rear panel - redesigned input board with Preamp Output and HT Bypass Input

FEATURES HIGHLIGHT: 1.1 Preamp Output The preamp output can be enabled/disabled by using remote control. Modes:

  • OUT1: EX-M1+ as integrated amp

  • OUT2: EX-M1+ power amplifier stage defeated, it works as a preamp, output via the Preamp Output RCA jack

  • OUT1+2: EX-M1+ as integrated amp, and, preamp output activated. This is a nice feature for multiple speakers user to connect the preout to subwoofer, or, to an external amplifier output to biamp a pair of loudspeaker with the EX-M1+ amplifier output.

1.2 HT Bypass Amplifier Input As the name suggested, with this input, you can use the EX-M1+ as a power amp. This feature can be enabled by the remote control.  2. Enhanced Aesthetic - Gold colour anodised heat-sink. No, it doesn't help to dissipate heat better. It's a choice of the design for the name of - art!

3. Improved components, cabling - Japan made OKI Flat Ribbon Cable and OMRON Connector. High current gold plated removable input signal connector. 

4. New Remote Controller - To incorporate the HT bypass feature of the EX-M1+, a new remote control unit is necessary. Here you go.

5. Display - One of the most frequently asked question: Can the display be turned off? Yes, with the new EX-M1+, you can.

Now, you may be wondering, what happen to the EX-M1?

We have the answer for you: The EX-M1+ is not a replacement of the EX-M1. Both models will co-exist. The EX-M1+ is built to address customers request of the preamp input/output. What about existing EX-M1 customers who like to upgrade? Yes, we can provide the upgrade kit include the display board, preamp board, input board with rear panel, and remote control to the distributor. Please approach your friendly distributor for details. The million dollar question: How much is the EX-M1+? The list price is US$2898 / EUR2898 VAT inclusive. It's available for pre-order now. A batch of EX-M1+ is being manufactured, target ship date by end of April. For customer who resides in country without a distributor, please contact us at to buy from us directly.

Happy reading!





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