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nodded to herself in the mirror, pushed back the latch and opened the door. It immediately became clear that plans needed to be changed urgently. Igor was standing outside the door. He put his foot through the gap and, pushing me with his shoulder, went inside onlinecasinoluxembourg.

I, shamefully yknuv, first tried to pull the door handle - it's useless. He locked her up. I took a half step back - there was nowhere else to go.

He made a sly face and said:

- Gotcha! Here I am!

Let's see who got caught. There is not enough space, there is no opportunity for a good swing, but nothing, and not such hippos were persuaded.

Igorek unbuttoned the buttons of his jacket, smiled imposingly and stretched both paws forward. With a turn, I hit him with an elbow in the stomach, soft and round, turned around again and with the knuckles of my fingers

- down the throat.


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