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It literally sounds like the performers are in the room- EX-M1+

Recently acquired the Kinki EX-M1+ and have had a chance to compare to several different setups. The Kinki consistently outperforms in several areas. The dynamics this thing is capable of is astounding! Listen to art Blakey’s “A Night in Tunsia”. It literally sounds like the performers are in the room, or that you’ve been somehow transported to the original recording site. And who said that transportation machines don’t exist!

Took some experimenting with cables but once a landed on the right pairing everything just snapped into place. Thing is, it has a weight, clarity and transparency that most components just can’t muster all at once. And it’s super fast! Instantaneous in fact. So all those lightening quick guitar runs and trailing eights come through just as if it were being performed live in your room. No hardness or etch anywhere to be found. Your just left with the performance as the artist intended. You get the sense that you are really close to actually being in the recoded space. Fantastic! This thing is the real deal! Enough said. System: Tekton Moabs Virtual dynamics cable loom Matrix Audio X-Sabre Pro MQA fed by Roon on Mac book pro via SOTM streamer, Uptone Etheregen, and Afterdark 10mhz master clock with Supra ethernet cables throughout

Ambient Light with Kinki M1+

Credit: Michael.W@ US




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