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EX-M1 | Blue Moon Award!

Thank you, we are honored!

"Nursed a Job 225 or Job INT in your cross hairs but thought them just a bit too fresh, lean and youthfully crisp around the edges though their speed, clarity and dynamics were right up your alley? Did you still want superior cosmetics, a more luxurious build and a balanced input? Had a Bakoon or Crayon integrated in your sights were it not for more power and a lesser price? Wished for that LinnenberG integrated which they don't make? Wanted a classier build and a tad more aural elasticity than the Audiozen? Hoped for less sonic gloss than Goldmund for pennies on the dollar? Then today's Kinki should uncramp your finger and pull that trigger. The EX for 'extreme' in the name isn't idle puffery. It's well deserved. If enough people catch on, this amp will become a classic. For now, it could already be your classic. Classy all around!"

Srajan Ebaen


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