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Cleanest and The Most Detailed, Transparent SS Amp I've ever Owned - EX-M1+ Integrated Amp (US)

I am very happy with the Kinki EX-M1+ amp. It is by far the cleanest and most detailed, transparent ss amp I’ve ever owned. I have spent the last week going back and forth between it and my very detailed tube amp. Very close contest but I think the tube amp has won, at least temporarily. My primary system has 96dB efficient speakers and I can get by with less than 10 wpc.

My Kinki amp will probably end up on my secondary system, a pair of Martin Logan CLS speakers that are very power hungry but have a great midrange that will show off Kinki.

I have some op amps ordered so will re-evaluate when they get here.

Credit: Jerry.S @ US



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