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B7 Paired Well With Focal Speakers (Korea)

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

My audio system was extremely simple. Naim's Uniti Nova and B&W Speaker. I only used Spotify streaming service for listening to music. I was mostly satisfied with Spotify Streaming Service, but I thought that the audio system should be strengthened and replaced the speaker with Focal's Scala. While I was looking for amp to use for the B&W Speaker, I accidentally heard about a clone amp in China, and after using Ali Express to get a clone amp, I completely changed my mind about B&W speakers. B&W was a really good speaker after changing the amp. I wanted to power amp for the Naim and Focal Speakers, but not a clone product. So.I searched China Amp in Google. Fortunately I found KinKi Studio and ordered EX-B7 .The result is very satisfactory. However, the price is a little bit high. If possible, Kinki Studio break the price bubble of hi-end audio products like Xiaomi.

Wish you good luck.



Credit: Y.P.Seo



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