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VISION DAC-1 is a Balanced DAC, equipped with a single AKM high-performance, high sound quality digital audio chip AK4495, with built-in XMOS XU208 USB interface, FEMTO clock, dedicated Word Clock input, supports up to 32/384k, DSD128 via USB, and 24/192k and DoP DSD64 via SPDIF.


The DAC-1 is designed with the following philosophy in mind: The intent is not to pursue to chase after the support of the highest bit/sampling rate music formats, nor to pursue the latest or flagship DAC chip as the selling point, but to pursue a pleasant and musical listening experience.


The DAC-1 geared up with the high-cost 0.2um gold-plated printed circuit board (PCB). It uses two UK made AMPLIMO transformers, one each for digital and analog power supplies so that the power does not interfere with each other.


The two UK-made AMPLIMO transformers are encapsulated in the CNC-machined aluminum block, it's extremely rare to see such design at this price point. The DAC main board is enclosed with 8mm thick of anodized aluminum ‘wall’, effectively eliminate the nasty EMI/EMC induced from the surrounding equipment.


Neutrality and musicality were the goals to achieve. Rich tonal quality, vivid sound imaging, details, high resolution and dynamic. The choice of the components, design, and tuning does just that.


It is the Kinki Studio gears' sound signature.



"In that sense, my DAC-1 sessions were déjà vu all over again. What to me had already become Liu's signature voicing of robust fully embodied sonics with a minor slant toward the flattering also applied to his Vision converter. In that, it shared much with our tube-buffered Fore Audio DAISy1. That sold for €6'000 when the firm was still active. Three years later, the same coin could buy 4¾ Kinkis without relying on thermionic valves to achieve very similar sound. To any proper deflationist, that should be very attractive news. So far my Kinki score was three out of three without a misstep. Quite the hifi hat trick."

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